qafhappy (qafhappy) wrote,

Oh, my aching head....

OK, I've decided I hate Voicestream, T-mobile, whatever they are calling themselves now. Of courses, part of the problem is I don't read the fine print.

The problem has 2 parts:
1) I lost my phone, had to get a new one, and decided on a camera phone. (Let me tell you, what a waste of money. The pics are for shit!) They told me that if I signed up for a data plan ("for only $19.99/month!" Me - "any hidden costs?" Them "No, unlimited access, no other charges, yadda, yadda...") I could check my e-mail on the phone too. So I did. Then I linked my yahoo acct to my cell phone. Sound's great, right? Wrong.

First, the screen is so small, you can't read any post of any length, it takes forever. And I get like 100 e-mails a day. Second, you only get so many a page, and it takes forever to go through the pages, you can't tell what you're looking for very well. And finally, my phone got a message every time mail came in. It filled up the memory, and I just deleted it without looking at it.

Finally, it turns out they LIED! I got charged 5 cents every time I got a message that I had mail. And it turns out I got about 3000 the first month! That comes to about $200 - can you believe it? No hidden charges my ass!

Part 2
I went to Canada for a set visit on QAF. It was divine. I asked T Mobile "I have international roaming, right? So using my phone in Canada is like using it in the US, right?" Of course, they agreed.

WRONG! Sure, it worked - very well, in fact. But there were charges for 69 cents per minute! And I used it a ton, because I have unlimited minutes in the US. I even let a friend use it! So I got charged almost $500 for calls!

Thats right, my bill for November was $700!!!!! Someone shoot me now.

So I've been dealing with them, and they agreed to take a bunch of it off after I threatened to leave (thank god cell phone numbers are transferrable now), since I've been with them for like 5 years. But it took 2 hrs on the phone a month ago, and another hour last night since they hadn't taken care of it right the first time. We'll see if they do now.

Back to my aching head... so it drove me to drink, I forgot to eat, and now I'm hung over, and have to go to work. Damn T-mobile!

Hey, could I ask for some help? I was out of the country from 12/25-1/3/04. I've been trying to get caught up on LJ, but I can't. I haven't gotten back past 1/3 at this point! Each day, I fall farther behind, and I don't think I'll ever get caught up.

So if there was any Brian/Justin fic, or Gale/Randy fic, or just QAF fic, could someone send me a link to it? Because I hate the thought of missing something good.

I'd really appreciate it!

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