July 21st, 2005


Advise me, Please!

Poll #536897 Movie Advice Sought...

What movie should I see today (with the SO)...

Fantastic Four
Mr & Mrs Smith
Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith
War of the Worlds
Wedding Crashers

Why did you recommend the one you did?


Printer question - advice please?

I have a HP DeskJet 932C, and have had for about... 5 years. It's always worked fine. Until recently. I noticed the print was getting light, and a little green. So I checked, found out that the color cartridge needed to be replaced, and did so.

Now I have a flaming little printer that is perfectly happy to print in shades of teal, hot pink, and olive... when it should be in primary colors.

I'd hate to run out and buy another expensive color cartridge, only to find out that it's the printer and I need to replace it (and have by then wasted money on 2 color cartridges). Any way of figuring it out, short of getting another cartridge or paying big $$ for TPTB to look at it?