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May 28th, 2017 - Happy's Obsession — LiveJournal
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
... but I've been wanting to do it for a while.

I have listened to literally hundreds (if not over a thousand) audiofics. A vast majority are in the Supernatural fandom - from canon, to AU, to RPF. And I have rated them all (in my iTunes), from 1-5 stars.

I want to list all my 5 star recs, with links to the audiofic. If the link (usually to somewhere in http://www.audiofic.jinjurly.com) isn't available, I will try to upload it to Box. My problem is that all the ones I upload have an https://, not an http://. If anyone knows how to fix that, I'd appreciate the knowledge. I want to set up a database of my favorite fics, and share.

I have a new community for it, and will post the link here once I have something there!

Audiofic Journal Entry 1/?


Sing to Me
Now, realize these are my personal ratings. Either incredible story, or very hot! Sometimes good stories get left out because the recording is hard for me to listen to. I will divide & upload with descriptions & links. This is just my outline. And of course, I'd always appreciate recommendations!

These are not in in particular order, just from my iTunes playlist.

Over 150 5 Star Rated SPN Audiofics, MasterlistCollapse )

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Sing to Me
Here are the first 5!

1) Break the Lock if It Don't Fit - 44:54, author - fleshflutter
2) Let My Lusts Be My Ruin - 10:34, author - veronamay
3) Blowjob Queen - 34:15, author - homo pink, reader - tipsy kitty
4) The Bitch - 1:00:52, author - Stele3
5) Firecrotch - 28:50, dramaphile

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Sing to Me