qafhappy (qafhappy) wrote,

There's a conspiracy!

OK, life has been a rollercoaster lately (some of you know what I'm talking about). And here's just another swoop - likely to be followed by a drop.

Aside: I'm supposed to be at a birthday party right now (actually, at about 7 pm), for a woman I recently met during Poker nights. She's nice, but I got wrapped up in a lot of things (getting my hair cut/colored, and SHOPPING!!!) that I didn't get home until 8:30, then had to make her present (a pretty pair of earrings, if I do say so myself!). And now it's 9:30ish, and I'm heading out the door after I post this.

I really shouldn't have been shopping. That hair stuff is expensive, way expensive, and I'm supposed to be being better about $$ right now.

But there was this party. And I really didn't have a shirt to wear, so... I went to Lane Bryant. And found 3 cute shirts... and a bra-pantie pair... and... and...



So I thought I'd try on a pair. I mean, they are a little (lot) pricey, but just to see how they are, you know.

And you know what happens then.

Seven7 jeans are pricy because they are well designed out of excellent material by people who know women's bodies. They look great!

Really, really great.

So great that I can't leave without them. Or the 2nd pair I tried on, either. I only left the 3rd because it had a weird triple line dye mark on the front of the left leg (it was a bleach spattered one, but this wasn't part of that pattern). And I'm glad they were a bit messed up, because while 2 almost killed me (and might when the S.O. see's the credit card bill), 3 would have been certain suicide.

But they are nice, so nice.

*admires fit*

*rubs hands on thighs*

Damn, these are nice jeans!

Gotta go! The party awaits... and I only have verbal directions, so I hope I find it!

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