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Well, this is the first post from the new computer - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
Well, this is the first post from the new computer
Some of my fears weren't recognized.

* the computer recognized the wireless keyboard & mouse, & the monitor & speakers, without any problem.
* the internet came immediately up (DSL & router).
* Norton was uploaded again... and gave me another free year because it's a new system!


I can't seem to find my music files! They must be there (from the space on the drive), but I searched "itunes" (for the iTunes Music folder) and nothing came up - or hasn't yet, still scanning for it, but it's been 10 minutes!.
I know I saw them when I was at the computer shop. They were some of the ones he'd saved off my HD. But he said that either he could charge me to upload them, or I could just pull them off myself from the drive.

So I decided to do it myself.

And can't find the damn things!!! Although I did find all my QaF songs, so that's a blessing. If I have to reload the other 20 gb again... I will. I just sincerely hope not.

Christ, 15 minutes, still no hits on "itunes".

What do you think I should search for next? Maybe an odd word in the name of a song? Or maybe a performer?


ETA: Searched for "freefall" - and found the mp3's. Copying them over... man, almost an hour! I gotta check that the computer is loaded as requested...

I feel...: stressed stressed
Boppin' to...: the hum of the computer - which is more of a roar

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