qafhappy (qafhappy) wrote,

I might be a little crazy...

... but I'm currently pissed off at the SO because when we went to see "War of the Worlds" today (after seeing "Batman Begins" yesterday), he backed out of theater jumping into "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". After he intimated he'd do it at least twice.

I really wanted to see that movie!!!

So I'm being a bitch, and told him that I was going to watch a few hours of TV, because "either you're sitting in the theater or here, it's still watching something."

So he went... downstairs? Out? I don't know.

And the weird thing? Even when I'm pushing all his buttons (and he's remarkably not reacting) - I know I'm over the top about this. But I can't stop. He hates to sit still for too long... and he's watched 2 movies in the theater with me in the last 2 days...

I think it might be PMS. But that's probably a cop out.

We all go postal occasionally... right?

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