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A theory regarding all my posts tonight... - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
A theory regarding all my posts tonight...
A rose bush will bloom most vigoursly after you cut it back.

Most plants will bloom and flourish magnificently after severe pruning.

It's the "Last Right to Live" phenomenon...

You've been put upon, and are likely to die. You try to toss off progeny to mitigate your dispersal into the matter of time.

ie - seeds (children, buds, blooms) carry on what you were, even if you aren't there.

I wondered about the wife of a friend of mine, who'd tried to have children for several years. In vitro, etc... thousands of $$$. No luck. Tried several times. Decided to wait. After a few years, she became pregnant. And had a beautiful little boy.

But started to notice some physical ataxia (jerkiness) before he was born. And discovered she had a brain tumor immediately afterwards. She had surgery, and radiation, and chemo... and ended up thinner than ever (she was a hefty girl originally), with a fine son. And recovered.

Asked the doc if she could try for another kid (even though she dragged her leg & arm if she was tired or tipsy). He said "fine". So she did. And the next month, when she went in for followup (she was still in monthly f/u) - he recommended waiting. As her type of cancer is most likely to come back within a year.

She was already pregnant.

And now has had the second baby. A girl. So she has one of each.

I think it's like a pruned back rose, who flowers as a last resort in the face of adversity...

Christ, I have to stop posting...
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