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I'm a little nervous... - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
I'm a little nervous...
The S.O. went to the airport to get his brother, sister-in-law, and 2 nephews. Their plane arrived at 7:45 pm (but was delayed). I called him at about 8:10 to see if he had gotten them. He said he was parked there, waiting.

I called back again about 20 minutes ago (8:30 pm) to see if he had gotten them. He didn't answer. I called again at about 8:45 - no answer again.

Then his sister called (she lives up here too), saying that everyone had arrived after their plane was delayed, but he wasn't answering his phone or there to pick them up.

I'm kind of worried. Why wouldn't he be there to get them when he was there almost an hour ago to get them? Of course, he is the kind who could have easily gotten fed up with circling, and gone and parked, then went into the airport to look for them. Even though they were going to call him on the phone. And who knows? Maybe he left his cell in the car accidently.

But maybe he got in a crash, or got arrested for something, or ??? Christ, I'm worried. And without a car big enough to get his family in (since he took mine).

ETA: Turns out there was a mix-up. He did go into the airport, and says that he told his brother that if the flight was delayed, he'd meet him at baggage claim. But he said that they went outside and waited by "Arrivals" (I swear, I think he said that), while he parked and went inside to the baggage claim and waited half an hour. And his phone doesn't get reception in the airport, so no one could reach him.

So he yelled on the phone because he was so upset... I just hope he calms down before he picks up his family. They don't deserve to be treated bad. Plus, Seattle International is confusing - two levels, Departures above, Arrivals below. If you circle through the wrong one accidentally, you'll never meet up with who you are looking for. It happened to us the first time he flew up while I was working here.


Starting off a family weekend stressfully - never a good thing.
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