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This weekend is turning out really well - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
This weekend is turning out really well
Worked yesterday - made a pretty good percentage, even though I worked my fingers to the bone.

Went out to dinner with the family - great steaks, conversation, comraderie.

Today, we went to a Tacoma Rainiers game - they won, and ended up being the 2005 Northern Pacific Section Champions!

Now we are getting ready to BBQ.

The boys went to play baseball in the park... and I showed the sisters-in-law QaF, because they wanted to see it. They knew my deep involvement, and wanted to see it. I angsted over what to show them, but ended up starting with the Prom scene, followed by the bashing. Then went back to 101, and watched up to Justin returning to school. Then we watched 219's hot end scene, and then Hal & Bobby in Season 4 (the hot sex, don't remember the ep, watched it on a screener, but it was set up near the right spot) because one SIL really likes Hal. She had to wrap her mind around how... involved... he seemed.

But the boys came home (twice, actually, and then we got rid of them again after the first time) - and when they came back, they were teasing us about drinking wine, because we were red-faced. Little did they know, it was because we shut off the TV when we heard the door shut (the first time), and when we actually saw them 10 feet outside the view-side door (the second time). And we were laughing hysterically (at almost being caught), and trying to send them all off again for paper plates & utensils... because the SIL's wanted to see more!

While I don't think they'll watch if I'm not there, they sure enjoyed it!
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