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Out of sorts, out of sorts, horribly out of sorts. Work was… - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
Out of sorts, out of sorts, horribly out of sorts.

Work was dog-assed slow, which means less pay. Had time to work on my latest jewelry project, but still that didn't help my mood much. Probably didn't help either that I ended up eating breakfast (a $1 burger) and lunch (3 chix strips, fries, coke) lunch at Mickey D's. I'm doing my own supersize me, and I don't need it. But I was stuck in Walmart all day (which could have contributed to my freaky feeling)... and that was the only food available.

Went to a jewelry class straight from work, through nasty traffic. The class was OK, made a bracelet that the instructor said was too long, so she removed some of the beads and told me to finish it off. I did... and ended up with a too tightly strung, too small to wear bracelet. After a 3 hour class.

Then I needed to get some pearls for my sisters wedding - she asked me to make bracelets & earrings for her 4 bridesmaids. So I was stressing on that, since she's having a 50's style wedding, and wants jewelry that fits the time, but can still be worn today. And I always stress about bead choice in the best of circumstances, and more now that it has to be perfect for her wedding...

Got home, it was 10:30 pm, and really didn't feel like eating, but the S.O. hadn't eaten much and had walked 5 miles today, and was being all martyr "I didn't eat the English muffin pizzas so you could have 2" - like after the supersize-me-sit-on-my-ass-all-day that I had, I need 2 of them at nearly midnight... but he did, so I told him I'd eat one if he ate the other. So we did, but now I gotta sit up for a few because lying down right after eating guarantees a bad morning.

*feels more cranky*

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