qafhappy (qafhappy) wrote,

My latest project...

My sister is getting married on October 15th, and asked me to make the bridesmaids gifts. Of course, I said I would. And then my procrastinating self got into the mix, telling me "you have a TON of time to do it!"

And now the wedding is... 6 days away. And I just made 3 (of 4) bracelets and 1 (of 8) earrings. Yikes! I also have to find giftboxes with the same color theme as the wedding. If I can't find any, I'll have to get some plain ones from Michaels and then decorate them with wire & beads, somehow...

And I work every day from now to Thursday night, and I fly out at 8 am on Friday morning.


My sister's bridesmaids gifts My sister's bridesmaids gifts

I am making gifts for my sister to give her bridesmaids. They will wear them in the wedding. I used fresh-water pearls, Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver beads & findings.


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