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I'm sick - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
I'm sick
...and waiting to see how bad it'll be.

I woke up yesterday, feeling like death, but that was self-inflicted from the night before. However, I've never had a sore throat and post-nasal drip from drinking before, just spins, nausea, and the sensation of knitting needles poking in my ears.

Over the day, I added achey skin, a runny nose, and some mild coughing/sneezing with a touch of nausea to the list.

And now it's early on Monday morning, I have to start at a new place today that relies heavily on a computer imaging system I've only read about before, and I feel... not well. Not sick enough to call in, which would require me to be barely able to get out of bed, or to be running a fever, or to be unable to stay away from the bathroom for any significant period of time.

I feel incredibly guilty if I cancel on someone, especially at the last minute. Not just because they are usually out of town on vacation or emergency, having entrusted their patients and their practice to me, but because the patients have often had to work things around in their own busy schedules, and if I'm not there, it throws everything out of whack. With all that guilt, it's surprising I'm not Catholic...

Well, it's 6 AM here - gotta go get ready for work, and then leave with at least 1 hour (or an hour fifteen) alotted for commuting time, so I'll have about 30 minutes to brush up on how to use the system before I have to actually start.
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