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My so-called life... - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
My so-called life...
Well, I've been gone for the last week for a wonderful family vacation. I realize that I posted about it to a small group of friends, but left a number of people out. So I wanted to share my last week with you, through e-mails...

Dec 26th:

The definiton of weird...
...is taking a shower at my Mother's house. And why would that be weird?

Well, first off... there ARE 2 showers, but one is in my mother's bathroom (full bath), the other in my stepfather's (3/4 bath). My mother is kinda odd - she was totally freaked out by Psycho when it came out, never took a shower again after that, only baths. Didn't even like shower curtains. So the main bathroom is a tub only.

My stepfather's bathroom was added on later. The house is a small Rambler (2 bedroom/1 bath originally, living room, kitchen), with the garage at one end of the house. My father converted it way back when into a family room, and added a tiny 3/4 bath & a storage closet at what would have been the back of the garage. This family room is where they spend all their time.

So, if I want to take a shower, it's in that bathroom. So, why is that weird? Because I can hear the TV, and I know that my stepfather is sitting literally 3 feet away from the bathroom door. My mother is probably another 4-5 feet away from him on the couch.

And after living away from home for the last... almost 20 years (yikes, it's been that long?!?) - it's odd to know I'm in a compromised position so close to them.

Hell, their bedroom is on the other side of a thin wall from my old bedroom, which is where we stayed. The SO wanted to... play sneaky high schoolers, but I just couldn't go there. God, it will be nice to have a little more space at the house in Grass Valley! Although, with my luck, we'll be between the two teenage nephews... never thought I was a prude, but maybe I'm wrong!

Dec 27th - Fucking hell!!
Well, I'm at the in-la - or, in truth, the triple-wide trailer the MIL rented for "the kids" & their kids. It IS on a lake - a dirty, muddy lake. With no internet access, no coverage for my cell phone (so no way to check e-mail), & my dial-up doesn't seem to be working.

I've been in a nasty mood because of that. And because she lives is a big, beautiful home, yet exiled all of us here. But her 2nd husband's kid is coming in today, & guess what? She gets to stay there. Plus the bed is a tiny, uncomfortable full, there are not enough towels, there is only a small couch & loveseat in the main room for 7 people (seating for 5), & the two recliners are badly broken & unusable.

And she told us not to drop in before 5 today, & only seems to want to see us on her terms, & I'm stuck here for 5 days, while I only got to see my family for 2 days, & they wanted us to stay longer.

Feels great to be where you are barely tolerated, rather than with people who love and miss you.


Sorry, had to vent. And who knows when I'll be able to check in again. We're off to bowl, so I can probably ck a few more messages...

There's got to be a T-mobile hotspot around here somewhere...


Dec 29th - Insanity (about 10 am)
I'm at Northstar @ Tahoe, & it's a madhouse. Crazy numbers of people, a number of them surprisingly rude, considering it's the first good day of skiing this week. It's as if I have no right to just sit here w/a book, even though I paid for my gondola ticket like everyone else. So I'm getting a massive headache (sinus or stress) which is made worse every time I cough - which is frequently. To top it off, everyone else is stuck in traffic due to an accident, so I'm all alone w/my book - Manstealing for Fat Girls. Seriously. Look it up on Amazon. It's getting me some pretty weird looks... LOL. Gotta laugh about something...

about 12:30 pm
The rest of the family decided to turn around & go home. Took forever to get up here, they've been looking for parking for an hour... And are giving up. So I'm stuck in this snack bar, because most of Northstar is in the process of being remodelled or built. And did I mention it's freezing? And I stupidly didn't dress warm enough. I pictured a roaring fire in a comfy lodge... Not a breezy frigid snackbar crammed with people.

Joy, joy, joy.

about 3:30 pm
Went up 5k vertical feet, came back down.

But one of my ears (the right) didn't pop.

So now. It's like I'm walking around w/a finger in my ear. And every time I talk, my voice is screaming back at me.

It throws mw off...

A perfect end to a perfect dsy.

Dec 30th
Things are ok. I won't rehash what I previously posted, but overall... it was nice to seethe SO's siblings again, & to meet his stepsister. There was the usual amount of BS & bad feelings..

To sum it up - I'd rather not do the same thing again. We need a neutral vacation area w/stuff to do nearby. Live & learn, I guess.

On the way to the Galleria again for the nephews to shop - I never realized how girly teen boys can be about their appearance. Bot at least I get to go to the mall.

Ear is a bit better, but I worry I really did mess it up with that 5k altitude change. Cold slightly better, too. Oh, did I mention I got a killer cold on Monday? I don't remember... it's waxed & waned & now I'm about at 75% of normal. It should be gone just in time to go back to work...

Why is it that my posts this week all remind me of Eeyore?

Dec 31st - about 7 pm
Well, I'm at a Best Western in Eugene, OR, on DSL AGAIN FINALLY!!! I swear, this is the longest I've ever gone without internet access... I guess that is a lie, since I did have intermittent times I could access my e-mail on my Treo, but still... it's nice to have the full boat, and not just the minimum.

Drove 8 hours today (or, in reality, rode 8 hours today) in the car, with only 3 short stops. Getting ready for Chinese food for dinner, probably a Jacuzzi or swim before. Ah, creature comforts... it's nice to be out of the doublewide! Also, cable TV again! And cell phone reception in the room!

I feel spoiled...

Well, that is my week, in a nutshell. So glad to be back to civilization!
5 Voices or Sing to Me
sassym From: sassym Date: January 1st, 2006 04:25 am (UTC) (Link)
Welcome back and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)
qafhappy From: qafhappy Date: January 1st, 2006 04:28 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank you! Happy New Year to you, as well!
chrismm From: chrismm Date: January 1st, 2006 06:59 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh, man, I'm so grateful that all our family stuff was in town this year, and I could sleep in my own bed. Welcome (almost) home!

Also--best Freudian typo this week? ...it was nice to seethe SO's siblings ... Heh.
iwantmygnr From: iwantmygnr Date: January 1st, 2006 09:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
happy new year!!
skittles From: skittles Date: January 1st, 2006 09:57 pm (UTC) (Link)

You know what else is weird, shower wise? Taking a shower with your boyfriend and 2 gay men 2 feet from the door drinking lots of wine and playing nintendo. While they sing to you through the door.

That was a weird vacation.
5 Voices or Sing to Me