qafhappy (qafhappy) wrote,

I just called my sister-in-law...

I sent her "Battlestar Galactica 2.0" DVD's from Amazon. I got her Season 1 for Christmas, and she loved it. It was delivered on the 21st - but I didn't hear anything from her. Mind you, I was trying to surprise her with it. So I called.

She thanked me , and then said "I sent you a letter thanking you for it."

I froze. A letter? In this modern age?

"I included some pictures from the California trip," she went on.

Now, I know she had to mail a letter to send the check to pay for it, but... I'd have called to thank someone who gave me a gift. I'm not upset that she didn't call right away, or even that she didn't call... I'm more perplexed, I'd guess. I'm so tied to my life in Cyberia that I forget about other modes of communication (other than direct phone calls, of course).

So, I thought I'd just ask...

If you got something, would you call the person who sent it, or send a letter? I'm just curious...

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