qafhappy (qafhappy) wrote,

Not a rave review...

This morning, I was in the shower. For some reason, I felt like singing - good acoustics, or something. Not a regular occurance. I did the song I usually do at karaoke - Heart's "Magic Man." I've probably done this song at least... 15-25 different times, it being my main song. I also do some Cher (Gypsies, Tramps, & Thieves, and Half-breed) and a little Alannah Miles (Black Velvet), but have learned never to do The River (Garth Brooks), because no matter how many times I can do it great in the shower, the spinners never manage to get the right key, and it's killed me every time I tried it.


I was singing in the shower. Not belting it out, but getting great sound and sustainability in the shower.

*a cat cry is heard*

I keep on going, it's just past the first chorus, and I'm just warming up.

*cat cries plaintively again, and again*

I keep going, doing great. Or so I think. At least, to my ears, the only human ones in the house, it was pretty damn good.

*cat comes into the bathroom, winds around, moves over & jumps on the toilet next to the shower, straining toward the glass*

But to the cat? Either I've become able to hit some supersonic pitches since the surgery (thereby hurting delicate feline ears), or she thought that I was upset and yowling.

*open the shower door, and the cat comes over quickly, sticking her head through the opening, then backing away*

Awww... and she was concerned about me.

I'll put up with a lot for a cat like this...

Oh, wait... I already do!

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