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TV Guide Channel sucks big donkey dick... - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
TV Guide Channel sucks big donkey dick...
... and I mean that.

I used my Comcast DV-R to record "Prison Break: Unlocked" and "inFANity" (Prison Break Special). Used the Search option, and found them, marked them. Didn't watch them, because I was burning through S1, and didn't want to be spoiled.

I went to watch them today, get them off the DV-Recorder and onto a disc.

It was't the right show, even though the name on the bar as I fast-forwarded was what I had wanted. It was some show called "Look-a-like". Both of them, different episodes.


*sobs harder*

I DIDN'T GET THEM!!! And I have no faith that if they come on again, that I can record them, because it seems that what is says on the Comcast channel lineup is actually on 3 hours later... like they have their roller on East coast time, while the channel is on West Coast time...

*tears hair*
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