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Well, the weekend didn't turn out like I'd hoped. On Saturday, I… - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
Well, the weekend didn't turn out like I'd hoped. On Saturday, I did get some TV watched, but I wanted to have a BSG-athon, so I saved it until I'd watched the last 2 episodes of Vanished with Gale in them, then last weeks Dexter, and Ugly Betty... and by then, the SO came home, and wanted to go do something. So I had to wait until Sunday for my marathon.

On Sunday, I slept in, then was awoken by a call. Out-of-town friends were going to be coming by in the afternoon... and the house was a disaster. But I managed to watch the first 2 episodes (301-302) of BSG, then did 4 hours of housework, before they arrived. Must say, it's nice to have most of the house picked up... but still, I'm no further through BSG than I was when I started!

But I do have a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving, so there's time there... not Thursday, of course. I'd originally planned on going to California, but with late booked flights at $1000+, and 12-14 hours of drive time each way... decided to stay home. Then the SO offers to host our friends party at our house - so now, there are 12 people coming over for a bird!

*thinks of the cleanup to be done this weekend*
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