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It's amazing what you let go of in RL, that you should hold onto... - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
It's amazing what you let go of in RL, that you should hold onto...
I found out about two weeks ago that my uncle had died... but not recently. He died in last August. And I didn't know. I think he's technically a grand-uncle, because he was my grandmother's half-brother. Or wait, does that make him my half-granduncle? *is confused* All I know is that I'm the terminal branch of a stubby family tree. No (full blooded) brothers or sisters. The only child of only children. I have one half-sister (through my dad), but she isn't going to have kids. So any siblings/cousins/relatives are at my grandmother's level.

When my grandmother was in her early 20's, her parents divorced. Her father remarried a woman only 3 years older than my grandmother, which was a fault not to be forgiven. Phil was the product of that marriage, which (I think) lasted until Frances died.

Based on what my mother told me today, I surmise the following. They were not close when young, as there was that "second young wife" syndrome going on. When my grandmother met Bess (his new wife, recently widowed from a "brawler" of a husband from New Orleans), they struck up a close friendship, and that (probably) brought Grammy and Phil back together. All I know is, Auntie Bess used to visit when I was a kid, and I treasured these visits beyond all gold. She once made me a pillow - a simple stitch-together printed number (of Holly Hobbie, I think), with a fringe she put on it. I slept with it for years, because it was a gift to me from her.

I drifted away from family as an adult, and my aunt had a series of health complications. When my grandmother died, we all met to split her belongings. It got a little ugly, but I agreed to give her a beautiful secretary desk that had been the centerpiece of her sitting room, and the Lennox china because Auntie Bess threw dinner parties for bigwigs, and I didn't. But I asked her to make sure that it came back to me in the end (ie - when she didn't need it anymore, that it not pass to her kids).

Now I found out that my (cousin? Half-grandcousin? Half first cousin once removed? What the hell is the term?) lives not more than 15 minutes from where I've settled into practice. Even though she lived in San Diego the last I knew (long ago).

I'm thinking about getting in touch with her... although I don't know what I'll say. Wow, it's a small world.

Uncle Phil's Obituary
Uncle Phil's Obituary
Wow! I never knew all this! Just bits and pieces. My grandmother was his half-sister, but his mother was only 3 years older than her. Because it was a second marriage, and way back when in the 1920's, they weren't raised together. But his wife was my grandmother's best friend, and I think that friendship brought they back together. Because for all my life, my Auntie Bess was the best thing evah!

Note: If you want to read the obituary, click twice on the picture. First time takes you to the picture alone, and the second click? Plenty big!
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