qafhappy (qafhappy) wrote,

My Comcast DVR is 81% full...

... and I've decided it's time to finally get things cleaned up. Because I don't want to have to start trashing shit. And because list making (and crossing things off) helped me to get through overwhelming amounts of studying in school, I figure it could only help here.

What I need to watch:
1) Battlestar Galactica - 8 episodes (!?!)
2) Ugly Betty - 9 episodes (ditto)
3) Jericho - 4 episodes
4) Dirt - 2 episodes
5) The Black Donnelley's - 1 episode
6) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - 11 episodes
7) House - 2 episodes
8) Dexter - 1 episode
9) nip/tuck - 2 episodes
10) Weeds - 4 episodes

That's 41 hours of TV! And more coming each week! And I only get 48 hours off every 12 days. How the hell is that supposed to work?

And that doesn't even count the ones I've been relying on OnDemand for (at some point in the future) - 11) The L Word, 12) Rome.


Of course, now I'm current on Prison Break, Heroes, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Miami Ink, and America's Next Top Model.

Methinks I might have to prune my video habits extensively, just to survive...
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