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Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
Why is it...
...when I have a ton of time to do whatever I want (like now, when the SO is gone skiing), that I get nothing done?  I always have great plans - "I'll watch the (9) back episodes of Ugly Betty / (2) back episodes of Lost / new Entourage," make some jewelry, knit a scarf, get caught up on my magazines, reorganize my closet to get rid of the stuff that's too big now...

And what do I end up doing?  Well, I read 1 magazine, watched 2 back episodes of Prison Break, 1 of ANTM, 1 of House... but that's all.

With 2 full evenings to myself, you'd think I'd get more done than that.

And here I sit, after 8 pm on Thursday, and haven't done anything tonight.  Except pick up something special for <lj user="bliss_"> and give blood.  But that's it.


And starting tomorrow?  Little time again.  Why am I so nonproductive?  Or maybe it's just that I over schedule myself, and get overwhelmed (although how overwhelming can TV be?  Although it did take me getting stomach flu to actually sit down last week and watch the 9 back episodes of BSG I had...)

ETA:  After reading this, I guess watching 4 hours of TV and reading a magazine is a pretty good accomplishment for one night.

ETA2:  And now it's... 2 hours later?  And I've been over at CalorieKing.com, reading the blogs, trying to keep up the weight loss motivation.  37 pounds and counting!
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