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It's all a matter of perspective... - Happy's Obsession — LiveJournal
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
It's all a matter of perspective...
I was sitting here, preparing my usual dinner since the SO is gone - fish (from the butcher, already prepared, either Mediterranean crusted salmon, Caribbean crusted snapper, or Herb & Chipotle crusted tilapia), an artichoke, and a salad (prewashed bagged mix, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, blue cheese, & organic croutons) - and got to thinking...

What if some other race of superior beings came down to earth, and looked in my trash can? What would they see? Because my salad stuff is multiple-uses & minimal waste, and the fish only ends up leaving a piece of tin foil, they would see a ton of artichoke leaves, and some wine bottles. And if they didn't know what it was? They'd probably think I was some poor stray, surviving on flowers and spoiled fruit juice, and feel it was necessary to "save me" by taking me in, putting me in a safe place, and feeding me highly nutritious dry kibble. All for my own good.

While I'd be thinking... "Waaah! I want my artichokes and wine!!!"

I think it comes from free-association, starting with "I need to get more dry cat food today," and then spinning wildly down the rabbit-hole.

Speaking of which, I walk every day in the morning (about 6 am), and have this crazy little superstition about determining how good the day will be by the number of cats or bunnies I see. And up to now? I've seen at least 4 different cats (one who loves petting), and 4-5 rabbits. But today? I saw a new one, right at the base of our juniper hedge. A little, tiny baby bunny, not more than... 2 pounds? It could have fit in the palm of your hand.

But that makes sense, because where you see big bunnies in the wild? You're gonna see little ones. Hope I see more tomorrow... and glad I don't have a vegetable garden!

I think it's a free-association kind of night. See what happens when you give me too much time alone?
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