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OMFG... aka WahWahWah... - Happy's Obsession — LiveJournal
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
OMFG... aka WahWahWah...
Christ, I don't know how those of you single moms out there do it. Or even you single people.

I got off at 5 pm, which is a little early for me. Plenty of time to get home, relax, watch some TV, right?


First, I went to the store, to just round out my dinner (fish, veggies, salad) with some fresh lettuce & cucumbers. Then, I came home. And realized. The SO is coming home tomorrow. And we have to clean the entire house, and sort things out in the 2 spare bedrooms (one of which is a total "junk room", kind of like a "junk drawer", but on a much larger, much scarier scale) because two of our best friends from home are coming, with their 2 kids, next Friday. And since the SO had been staying at a hotel for the last 2 weeks, I didn't want the house to be too messy.

So I started by taking the sheets off the bed, and washing them with the towels. I also sorted through the dirty clothes, separating out my work clothes, which make 2 more loads (light & dark). Then I started cleaning up the spare bathroom, or, as we call it, "the cat's bathroom," because their food & litter box is in there. And since it's the one that guests use? Gotta be clean. And I hadn't cleaned the pans for... 4 days? So it was icky. And it doesn't help that Rosie (bless her stinky little fat soul) insists on going just outside the pan, on papers. And usually the SO cleans it, but he was gone, and... I was bad. So there was much scooping & scrubbing to be done.

Then I came into the kitchen, and realized that while I had cleaned it a week or so ago, and kept up with the dishes (except last nights), that it was grimy again. So I had to scrub all the counters, and wash last nights pans & dishes. And when I went to put the pans away? The SO tends to just "stuff" the pans/lids/mixing bowls in the cupboard under the stove-top. I'm the only one who actually has ever straightened it out, and I gave up... oh, about a year ago. Just shoved stuff in there, as it was already so scrambled. But with people coming, and because it has been on my nerves for... a year? I pulled everything out, and put it away in some semblance of order.

And then I went to put away some microwave plates I found under the stove into the plastics cupboard, and realized that he'd totally scrambled that one, too. So I had to fix it, too. And there was the mail to be sorted through for the last few days, and that took a while. And I discovered that damned Microsoft Hotmail had sent through a charge to re-up an account I haven't used in over a year, and charged it to a card that we don't use any more, but (I guess) kept for emergencies, and the SO didn't check it, and it was past due. So I was on the phone for about 30 minutes, between the credit card company, and Microsoft.

Then it was time to make the bed (which was hard, with my sore neck/shoulder from the cyst removal, since it's so big), and when I finally sat down?

It's 9:03 pm. Or was when I started this. Now it's 9:15. And what have I had to eat today? A banana & a non-fat latte for breakfast, a Fit n' Light vanilla yogurt for lunch, and I walked 3 miles earlier. And did 3 hours of housework.

Man, a glass of Pinot Gris has never tasted so good. I'm almost too tired to make dinner, but I know I gotta eat. Maybe I'll just toss the fish in now, and make a small salad. Hell, I'm almost ready for bed. And I didn't get to watch a single episode of LOST. *is sad*

Well, I'm gonna watch at least one episode while I cook, and eat dinner. And get ready to deal with a severely jet-lagged SO tomorrow, along with a weekend of the most horrendous "Spring Cleaning" ever.

And it's Pride this weekend, but with the treatment the plastics guy gave me? Can't go out in the sun. So no rest (or pretty gai boi fun) for the wicked...
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