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Advice sought...

I have been a loyal Palm/Treo user for years. I had a III like 8 years ago. The screen broke, so I got a IIIc, when color was the new thing. But I developed some back problems, had to switch to a smaller purse, so I got the Vi. But then the Treo's came out (the 600), and I could combine my Palm and phone, so I did. That worked for... 2 years? 3? But my 600 & my computer had a nasty divorce, and refused to talk to each other. After 5 months of agonizing decision-making (or the lack of it), I got an unlocked 680, because I was still under contract, and needed a Palm-based Treo that worked on GSM.

And I loved my 680! It was so pretty, so small, so white! I got a silicone sleeve for it, kept it in a special pocket of it's own in my purse, never dropped it, and generally babied it. And it worked great... until one day, the headset stopped working. I could hear people, but they couldn't hear me. Worked fine without it, but I use the headset all the time (because I can't hear well enough with the Treo Bluetooth headset, and I don't want to pay big $$ to try another that doesn't work). And then when I wiggled the jack a little, to make sure the contact was okay? The phone would click, then hang up the call.

So I sent it back to Palm, and they repaired it. I thought they'd sent me a refurbished one, but it turns out they didn't. And it worked pretty good (although it seemed to want to freeze up a bit more often than the old one, and now is shutting itself off (timing out) if someone waits too long to answer a call).

One of the problems with the 680 is the small battery, a necessary curse for a small phone. I normally have to charge every night, but after work I'll have about 35-60% charge, depending on how much I've used it. On Tuesday? I turned it on (or tried to) at the end of the day... and nothing. Plugged it into the car charger, and it turned on weirdly, then... working, with 0% charge. Never saw one that low before. The headset worked fine. And it worked fine this morning on the way to work. But at lunch? The same thing started happening again.


So I called Palm AGAIN, told them about it, and found out that they hadn't sent me a refurbished, they'd repair/returned mine. So at least it's the same problem on the same phone, not some 680-wide problem (hopefully).

But this time, they gave me a second option. Either I can repair/return my phone again, or I can pay $25 shipping and they'll send me a refurbished phone, and I can return mine to them. The first time I sent it in, I didn't want someone else's old beat up, fixed up phone. But I've only had this phone back for 3 weeks (and only had it for 5 months initially) before it broke again. Maybe my phone is just a lemon, because it also has a habit of shutting off unexpectedly, or ringing fast-busy (per other people, it's never done it when I called it from home or work). And the operator at Palm said "even though it's factory refurbished, you'll be the first user of it." (Where do these phones that need refurbishing come from, anyway? I thought other's old broken/repaired ones).

So, what should I do? Have my old phone repaired again (even though I think I've lost faith in the repair holding, and it does have some other issues), or should I take a chance on a refurbished one?

(Poll didn't work, see next post for poll)

I appreciate all advice, as this is the most I've spent on a phone before, and I'm stressed and freaked that it's not performing as it should.
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