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Jeeze! - Happy's Obsession — LiveJournal
or what I do between bouts of Real Life

I don't remember it all (of course), and it's only getting more distant by the minute, but here's what I remember.

I was at a meeting, staying in an odd little hotel, traveling with a companion (friend? sister? someone close to me), and found out that "a few" friends (her family?) were going to stay for a night. Turns out it was a veritable deluge of right-wing, bible-thumping Christians, who took over everything in sight, moved all my stuff, and I couldn't find my zit cream no matter how hard I looked. I finally got my companion to help me move all their stuff around to try to find it, and when we couldn't? She told me "Well, at least now you have something you can be mad about, for real."

Then I was riding on this friendly elephant, but I did something to upset it, so it rolled over on top of me. However, I was next to a couch, so I wasn't completely crushed, and in fact it was just holding me down, not actually trying to crush me, just to restrain me. I poked at it, and it compressed me a little more, telling me not to do that. I tried to stay calm, but worried that it would fall asleep, forget I was there, and crush me

Then I woke up.

Of course, yesterday I dreamed that I had a make-out session with a friend that I'm not attracted to in the least, and was worried that it would ruin our friendship. Maybe it's something in the water...

Wow, if I have weird dreams, it's usually because I either ate too much, too my meds too close to bedtime, or maybe drank too much? Or was too hot when I was sleeping, but none of that was the case. Wonder what caused them?
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