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Lately, I've been pondering getting a tattoo. I've wanted one for years, but am a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain, so I've avoided it. And now I have a condition that can sometimes affect the skin, causing lumps (granulomas) to form where ink is injected (rarely, but can happen). Although the condition seems to almost have run it's course, so that's probably not a significant factor...

And I've been thinking about what I'd want. Long ago, I wanted to do the "copy your favorite star" thing and get Gale's "RESIST" tattoo. But I realized that it would be cheezy to get it just because he had it, and what would I be resisting, anyway? Thought about other words that might work (similar feeling, strong meaning, and not too long), and nothing else sounded right (DEFY, ENDURE, PERSEVERE, WITHSTAND, BRAVE). And the SO definitely doesn't want me to get anything, even though I've been wanting one for years.

But it's been several years now, and I've kind of come back around to it. And why? Well, for a number of reasons. First, there are quite a few things I need to try to avoid doing, and would like a reminder to stop me from doing thats right out there in plain sight. Like, resist eating that fattening thing, resist escalating arguments at home, resist my impulse to isolate myself in my own little world of TV and ignoring those in RL who need my love and attention, resist that extra drink at night, resist buying that extra pair of shoes/more MAC makeup/more clothes that I don't really need.

And between the fingers is less noticeable than other places, but still very noticeable to me. Although I always felt hand/neck/face tattoos weren't the smartest thing to do... though I'd probably get it on my left hand, since I write a lot at work, am right handed, and that's the hand you hold out to greet people...

Any thoughts?
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