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Frustration - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
So, my gas furnace has been doing this weird thing all winter. When it turns off, it restarts, immediately shuts off, restarts again, off again right away. No long run time, rather like a few "false starts" to turn off. Heat always works, though.

But I was worried, that maybe that "2 false shut off" thing was a signal that something was going out. And I didn't want to be without heat in the winter, not after the power was out for 4 days last year, and it was 42 degrees in the house. So I called someone to repair it.

Then came out, said it was a circuit board, and they had to order it. So I had to take time off of work (because the SO just started a new job, and can't), 2 hours on Friday. And when they came? It was the wrong part. "Someone must have transposed a number, there are a lot of different models of this one." But they told me they'd work around my schedule, since it was their fault.

So the part came in, and they showed up this morning at 7 am to replace it. And they did, and the furnace turned on, and everything was right with the world... or so it seemed.

The SO called me after work. When he got home, it was hot in the house (69 deg F), so he turned the heater down... but it wouldn't go off. He turned it down more, to 62 deg F - still on. So he turned the system to off... and it turned off after a minute. I got home, and he tried turning it on again (with the thermostat below the stated temp of the house), to see what would happen. It shouldn't have come on... but after a few minutes? It did.

So essentially, I have a heater that goes on when I turn it on, off when I turn it off. No moderating the temp through the day, so it will get freezing. I called them to tell them someone needed to fix it, because this is not acceptable. They called back.

When I told them what was going on? The repair man said, "Maybe it's the thermostat."

I explained what had been happening before. "The thermostat worked before, the furnace would just false start on turning off. No runningrunningrunning..."

He paused. "Well, I'll be out tomorrow morning to figure out what's going on."

All I know is, the thermostat worked before, and I'm not going to replace it. I'll get a second opinion, from another company if necessary, before I do that. Because I'm not throwing good money after bad... although it is freezing and snowy outside...
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