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I might be losing it... - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
I might be losing it...
So yesterday, I went out all day, with my Bluetooth on. And I know it was there, because I wore my hair up in a head wrap (which I've never done before), and when I got home to take it off? I had to take the Bluetooth off. So I set it down next to my purse (instead of in it's little pocket, always the first step to disaster), noticed the blue light flashing, picked it up, pinched it between my fingers to shut it off, and set it back down again.

Then I did a ton of things. Got changed, potted 3 new plants, put together a bench. Then I went to bed. Got up this morning, and looked for my headset next to the purse. Not there. Not in the purse either, nor on any surface I commonly go near. So I had to leave for work, figuring I'd find it tonight.

Got home, did a pretty exhaustive search (everywhere but the trash), and couldn't find it. Went out to dinner with a friend, taking my track jacket.

When we were leaving the restaurant, I couldn't find my jacket. My friend was sure I hadn't worn it, that I'd set it on the shoe rack in the mudroom. So I looked under the table, inside her car, and decided it must be there.

But it wasn't. And now I'm getting worried that it's early Alzheimer's, because WTF?!? I called my friend, who had just left, and confessed my fears to her. She decided to swing back by the restaurant, to check to see if it had fallen out on the ground when I got out of the car (because I knew I'd taken it out of the house, it had been hanging on the doorknob). And I commenced searching the house for my Bluetooth again. It wasn't anywhere - not in the trash, not under the door of any room (if the cats had knocked it off & played with it), not under any table, or in the cushions of the couch, or in my dressing room, or anywhere.

And now I'm starting to worry that I might forget to breathe when I'm asleep (kidding!). Then my friend calls.

My jacket was on the ground, on the white line between the two parking spaces, kind of damp, but not run over or anything. No damage to it, as far as she could tell. So at least I know I'm not going totally crazy... although a jacket is a much bigger thing than a Bluetooth.

And I *knew* where I'd last seen the jacket (over my arm, getting into her car), and I swear I know where I last saw my Bluetooth, but...

All in all, I'd rather have lost the jacket. Because it was a super-duper clearance from Macy's (probably $20?), and the Bluetooth? $60.

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