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Fact checkers, anyone? - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
Fact checkers, anyone?
I got a wonderful book in the mail yesterday, from bliss_, Dedication, by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus. They are the same two people who wrote "The Nanny Diaries", and "Citizen Girl." I'm half way through, and love it so far.

Except for a few little fact-checker things. Like... the protagonist, Kate, has an "eye problem", a tightening around her eye, which requires her to use saline. Now, maybe dry eye? But that wouldn't cause tightening, and saline isn't thick enough. But beyond that, she talks about "saline hitting her retinas." Now, the retina lines the inside back of the eye, it's the forward most extension of the brain, and if anything touches it (and not surgically)? You've got a punctured globe, and you're pretty much blind. But I can forgive that, because many fictional books (even the TV show "House", which I really do hold to a higher standard), always mess those anatomical things up.

But then they do a classic thing I saw in many QaF fics. The antagonist, Jake Sharpe, is trying to get 5 of them together to go to his lake house to relive one of their 12 grade adventures, skating in the winter. And he and Sam pull up in the Corvette, then Kate joins them, then they go get Todd, and he dives into the available passenger seat.

So where the hell are Kate & Jake sitting? In that tiny space behind the seats, that is really only big enough for a book, or maybe a pair of shoes? Do these people really know what a corvette looks like? There have *never* been more than two seats in a 'Vette. That little sloped back window (in some models)? Goes over a storage area, and you have to be sure if you brake fast you don't risk knocking your head off from stuff flying forward (although they do have a deeper "well" that the stuff can settle into, so it takes some hard braking to hurt yourself, and the seat back are pretty high, so you'd probably only bruise yourself).

Ah, I always have a hard time when they screw up the facts... but I still love this story, I'm just trying to leave the screwed up parts out of my memory.

And then another pops up on pg 149 - "Seemingly as frustrated as it's backseat passengers, the Corvette starts to register protest when Jake makes the turnoff for the lake, drowning out Todd's patter with an ominous grinding." I think I might be frustrated, too, if I was reduced to two-dimensional status. Lol!


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