qafhappy (qafhappy) wrote,

I'm thinking of re-purposing my dining room. Now, realize, it really hasn't been used as a dining room. For a long time, it had a small desk (with the computer) along one wall, a hutch, and a high bar table in the corner. Pretty much open space, otherwise. Then we brought up the table that had been left in our basement when we moved in (as we had never bought a dining room table), and used it for poker parties & holidays. So, like... 4-5 times in the last year.

And just last week, we saw that we could watch movies on the computer. And we have a 21" monitor, and a killer sound system on it. So the SO suggested we repurpose the dining room into a sitting type room. And if we do that? I want an aquarium, with some pretty little pearlscale goldfish (meaning a 20 gallon one, at least).

So, I was wondering... how many of you would do this? Considering that we are a totally typical American family (of 2), eating dinner either in front of the TV, or at the kitchen banquette? Or should a dining room be left a dining room?

Sorry the print is so small... click on them to see.
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