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Aquarium question

I recently (in the last two weeks), have become a fish mom, with 4 zebra danios, & 2 Betta's (one normal, one crowned). And since this is new to me, I have some questions.

1) Can you put a Betta in with Danio's? I know you can't put two Betta's together, and the two I had used to flare at each other through their divided tank (before I put them in two different tanks). It would be nice if I could put my usually happy one in the bigger tank, with the Danio's.

2) How do Betta's adapt to circulating water? I know they are normally in still water, but the guy at PetsMart said that they would get used to it. But my always happy one seemed out of it today... but that could have been because his little twin tank was dirty, and I had to chase him all over town with the net to get him out to clean it.

3) I like the look of colored glass in the bottom, but I read somewhere that the reflecting light can irritate the fish. Um, what do irritated fish do? And is it really bad for them? Because I like the bigger bits, and I like the shiny part, too.

My new 5 gallon fish tank
My new 5 gallon fish tank
The 4 Zebra Danio's inside are very happy to have 5 times the space they've been living in for the past 2 weeks. Let's hope it doesn't become too dirty, too soon.

Video of my Tanks & Office
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