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Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
Two more books
28.) Stuart Moore's Para, 175 pgs
Graphic novel. Good drawing, a bit stilted on some of the dialog. Found this at the library, after looking for counterparts to "Persepolis".

29.) Watermelon, by Marian Keyes, 417 pgs

Claire is left by her husband for another woman the same day her daughter is born. She leaves the hospital, and goes straight home to her family in Ireland. They help her learn more about herself. James (the cheater), is in for a surprise when he "slithers" back into her life.

Book Count:

29 / 50 books. 58% done!
Page Count:

9926 / 15000 pages. 66% done!
Day Count:

112 / 366 days. 30% done!


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