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Had a fantastic time this weekend! Things were modified a bit from… - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
Had a fantastic time this weekend! Things were modified a bit from my original post.

On Friday, flew into Oakland. L picked me up, and we went to Napa Valley. More specifically, The Silverado Resort & Spa. Had three treatments, from 12-5. Started off with the Ginger Body Wrap (a little claustrophobic there, not too bad), then the Foot Rescue Pedicure, then the Lomi Lomi massage. The masseuse even threw in a face & scalp massage.

Turns out L couldn't get a reservation anywhere she called (like 20 places), so she called Napa Valley Reservations, and they found us a room, at The Napa River Inn.

We saved $134.51 over getting the 'Spa Girl' package at Silverado, which was about 18%, nothing to shake a stick at.

I spent it at the Coach outlet. Here is a picture of what I was going to buy. I didn't buy the blue mini-sig wallets or hobo, but I got the flap purse. I also got a white pebbled Hamptons accordian zip-around wallet for $69 (regular price ~$200), which can transfer between any of the summer bags. And almost everything was 20-50% off. I got one purse for $85, and it was $238 originally (the blue mini-sig/white leather large flap bag). Oh, how hard it was to leave other pretties there. My hands were shaking, I felt like I was on some kind of drug high... and I was, a Coach high.

And now I have a Coach hangover. Slipped things into the closet as the SO was looking at his gifts - various cooking items (rubs for meats, and an oil/vinegar/tapenade/mustard set). The next day is never as fun as it should be...

P.S. We also went to The Black Stallion Winery, the statue in front will bring a flutter to any equine lover's heart. Wines were good, too. Ate Friday at The Bistro Don Giovanni, Saturday at Celadon, which (if we'd been Kurt Thomas), we could have reached in seconds by vaulting over our first floor balcony/porch hedge.

Oh, and I got a cute pair of platform slides in a metallic sage green at Nine West, too. But they were an outlet purchase, so no pics.
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