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What do you think of... - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
What do you think of...
What do you think of when you hear the word "sissy"?

I think of my sister, because that's what we call each other, Sissy. Select the colorbar, you'll see the words

Answer first, then right-click-drag over the color bar to see my answer.

Do you see any difference between the names "Mom" & "Mother"?

I see a distinct one, based (I'm sure) on my experience. "Mother" applies to the person who bore you, you is a bit aloof and stands on formality. "Mom" is the one who is more earthy, more sure of herself. In my case? My stepmother of... many years.

Of course, they have similarities. In each, you have a place, and you fit in it. Of course, they are different - the role of treasured daughter, vs your place in the child-stream. In addition, your expectations are different - a narrow box of rules that you can break without significant consequence, vs as much freedom than you expect, but definite borders and punishment if you break them.

I like the "wide boundary's, police yourself" option better. It gives you a chance to have some control over your destiny, which is important as a learning tool.

I've blathered on long enough.
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