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More books read! - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
More books read!
For 50bookchallenge, (& 15000pages & 100ormorebooks):

30.) Orbiter, by Warren Ellis & Colleen Doran, 100 pages
Review: Interesting graphic novel about a shuttle that returns 10 years after it left. It's loss shut down the NASA space program. Where was it, and what happened while it was gone?

31.) Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Jaz Parks, Book 1), by Jennifer Rardin, 320 pgs
32.) Another One Bites the Dust (Jaz Parks, Book 2), by Jennifer Rardin, 336 pgs
33.) Biting the Bullet (Jaz Parks, Book 3), by Jennifer Rardin, 336 pgs
Overall Review: I really like this series. First off, the writing is very good. The character development is good, and I like the world she has created. Jaz Parks is an assassin, working for the CIA, and assigned to protect Vayl, a vampire (and Wraith), who eventually becomes more to her than just a job. In Book 1, they have to stop a vampire-to-human Red Plague. In the second, a set of "dragon armor" is stolen, making the wearer apparently unstoppable, and they have to recover it. In Book 3, she is reunited with her twin brother, also a spec ops guy, on an undercover mission in Tehran to take out the Wizard, a terrorist.

I really like these books, and can't wait until the 4th one (Bitten to Death) comes out on August 12th, 2008.
Book Count:

33 / 50 books. 66% done!
Page Count:

11018 / 15000 pages. 73% done!
Day Count:

138 / 366 days. 38% done!


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