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Sometime fate takes things in hand - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
Sometime fate takes things in hand
The SO has been gone for the week, and I've been stuck at work late, or at meetings. I finally got home at just after 7, having rushed from work to the computer store to pay for a... quad something motherboard with 4 gb of ram?... plus a 1.5 tb drive to replace my C drive. I've been without a PC for almost a month, after it gave me the dreaded "config.sys file not found" message. They got it up and running, reloaded, but after they turned it off? Same thing. So now it's that the motherboard/processor overheated, and fried, so a new one (above) was needed.

So I've been turning on the 5 year old laptop intermittently, for 30 minutes at most, just to try to not fall too far behind. And failing. But anyway...

I decided to try to get caught up with "Lost" tonight. I had the whole season, minus one episode (Dead is Dead), and thought I'd watch the last 2 episodes of last season (I never saw the finale) on DVD, then jump into this season. I was DLing the missing episode, and went to find my DVD set.

As I was doing so, I looked at the Comcast DVR screen. It had said "92% full". Now it said "83%". WTF? So I looked.

Because I had like 6 hours of TV to record tonight, I guess it deleted my older stuff... the first recap episode of Lost, and then the 2 hour season premiere. Now, if I don't have 5 hours of it? I might as well wait until December 9th, then get the S5 DVD's to watch.

I really didn't have time to watch 16 hours of "Lost" And I'm sure I would have run up against a wall, and had to delete other stuff before I watched it.

So fate, I guess I should say thanks, since I've stopped cursing you.
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