qafhappy (qafhappy) wrote,

My poor plant-tending skills pay off again...

I seem to have trouble keeping houseplants going, except for ficus. I couldn't figure out why, when most people say they drop leaves at anything. Then I researched it a bit, and found out that they like to be drenched, and then dried out completely, so my intermittent watering habits are good for them.

And last night? The SO told me that one of my indoor plants had an amazing smelling flower. Now, the only flowering plants I have indoors are my amaryllis, and only one of those has flowered this year. But the others had shown no sign of flowers, only leaves. So I went over to the window to take a look.

Now, my nose isn't the best sniffer around. I think it's from that weekend I used Zicam, thought I was getting strep throat, but realized, after I missed a dose, that it was the Zicam causing the pain, not the cold. Haven't been able to smell a variety of things since, especially delicate smells. Although my staff will tell you that I can't smell stinky patients either, but I take that as a blessing. But as I approached, I smelled this wonderful scent, kind of like freesia, but more earthy/musky.

What did I find when I got to the corner?

My Mother-In-Law's Tongue plant (Sansevierias) had a flower! I didn't even *know* they could do that! When I found out my best friend, Lynette, had inoperable cancer, I changed. I got on this kick to have living, developing things around. To my few ficus plants, I added a dracena, the aforementioned Mother-In-Law's Tongue, a horsetail plant, and a variety of amaryllis. I also started a container garden of tomatoes, 2 strawberry pots, and indoor AeroGrow herb garden, and some Chia herbs in the window. And I got fish, 4 zebra danios, 2 bettas.

I did some research, and found out that Sanseveirias bloom extremely rarely (they said once a decade). If you want them to bloom, you have to keep them root bound, low on fertilizer, and rarely watered.

These plants are making me feel better about not taking good care of them...
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