qafhappy (qafhappy) wrote,

I'm so tired...

I'm a pack rat, and so is the SO. We've been living here for 10 years, cocooned in our pack ratery. And now? We have to have major repairs on the house. New roof, windows, repiped, rewired. So that means that space has to be made for the workers. Stuff has to be sorted through - to toss, to sell/donate, to keep.

An entire frigging basement, a 2-car garage, 1 "storage" bedroom, 1 "guest" bedroom (1/4 full of junk), plus several closets.

We've been spending the entire weekend doing this. I've found stuff dated back to 2002, and probably earlier.

We have a *huge* trailer (well, 15'x9'x5' at least), and figured we'd only get it 1/2 full. It's over 3/4 full, and we still have a ton to go. But the trailer is leaving tomorrow, our contractor needs it for work. And I've been inhaling so much dust, I don't know how much more I can take.

I've found quite a few treasures, amongst the chaff. But I'm so tired of sorting through stuff. And we've only done the garage, the basement, and one closet. The plumbers are coming the 29th, and after them? The electricians have at least 8 days of work. Not to mention afterwards they have to repair all the holes in the walls, and repaint. And we have to hope the cats don't get out, because they've never been out, and I don't know if we'd be able to catch them again (especially if they get out while the workers are here, but not us).

But since we painted the outside two years ago, and had to replace the heating/cooling system them, too... it will almost be like a new house.

I better not have to do any major repairs for at least 10 years after this.

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