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It never rains... - Happy's Obsession
or what I do between bouts of Real Life
It never rains...
... but it pours.

Went out to dinner at Tempest Lounge, to have great eats and listen to Danielle Egnew sing.

Came out to the driver's side window smashed & the GPS gone.

Have to replace the window myself (costs less than the deductible), & the GPS "should be covered by homeowners insurance as it isn't permanently attached to the car.

I guess the joke is on them... because I got that over 2 years ago at Wally World for $65, & it doesn't hold a charge now. And they didn't take the charger (wgich was attached & plugged into the outlet).

And they left a package of 2 bottles of wine in the backseat, K's wallet with $200 in the console, my diagnostic kit (worth ~$1000) in the backseat, & a pair of Calvin Klein subglasses hanging from a lanyard over the rear view mirror.

Of everything they could have taken, it's probably the best.

I just had all my favorite addresses saved... even those you can't look up anymore.

Damned crackheads!
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