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Happy's Obsession

or what I do between bouts of Real Life

13 January 1965
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So now I'm on to my next great love, Supernatural. Specifically, Jensen Ackles. He's the one that has pulled me in. But Jared Padalecki is one big guy, and those shoulders! The way the two of them can tell so much just with facial expressions. And now I'm going to Vegas to see them at the Con in March 2013! AND I HAVE VIP TICKETS WITH MY SISTER!!!!


I've been in a few fandoms before... started in QaF, then on to Adam Lambert, dabbled in Bandom... but wow! SPN is by far the biggest fandom sea I've swum in yet! There is podfic galore, fanfic until the sun comes home, and even conventions!!! I'm currently up to Season 5 on DVD, and, while I can't wait until I'm caught up... I don't want my treasure chest of "new stuff to watch" to be empty! I just finished watching all the seasons, and am *so* unhappy at the hiatus. However, I've been here before.

And *now* I can read Supernatural fanfic, and not spoil myself! Although I currently have over 500 850 unread fics from AO3 on my Kindle... (and about 1500 all told)...

There are never enough hours in the day for everything!

While I still love Adam Lambert, and Tommy Joe Ratliff, I am CONSUMED by Supernatural, which leaves no time for anything else! I have seen Adam at the Seattle Showbox SoDo on July 20th, 2010 and have tickets to see saw his final show in Puyallup in September 2010.

If we're talking TV shows, my most recent "side addiction" is Sons of Anarchy. I got caught up to the current season on Netflix (while working out at the gym), but have yet to watch more than the Premiere of the current (2012-13) season because of SUPERNATURAL EATING MY BRAIN!!! That, and I work too much.

Anyway, I love True Blood (the series), but loved the books more. Somehow, the show just seems like good fan-fiction, where minor characters suddenly take precedence (aka Tara's having to spell out Sookie's thoughts for the TV audience), and have to have story lines made for them (aka Tara & Sam). But the medium of TV is not like the published word. Too many people would not be able to suss out anything other than broadly displayed emotions, and the face cannot completely show inner thought. And Sookie has a hell of a lot of inner thought. I just think they could have had as good (if not better) a hit if they'd followed the books. And then I could watch them on my iPod, instead of worrying that anyone passing by will think I'm watching porn. Not because I have, like, porn on my iPod, or anything... *shifty eyes*

And I eat up pretty much all competition reality shows with a spoon! Not Survivor or Big Brother type, but the real competitions between amateur people wanting to succeed in their field. Top Chef, Top Model, Chopped, So You Think You Can Dance, Hell's Kitchen, True Beauty. I also love many Food Network shows, especially ones with Guy Fieri, Anthony Bourdain, and Alton Brown. And I can't forget the Great Food Truck Race!

But I really don't get to watch too much TV lately, because I'm deep, DEEP into the world of fanfic and podfic. These worlds happily collide in too many places to mention here! My previous fandoms seemed huge to me, but being in the Supernatural one has made me see just how small my ponds were. Now, it's the Deep Blue Sea, baby, with uncharted depths. And I want it all! (Hence, the 800 unread fics culled from AO3).

With a 35 minute each way commute to work daily, as well as an hour or so of exercise, podfic is my main source of entertainment during the day, with my tablet taking over at night. (hello, there, my good friends, AO3, LJ, & Dreamwidth!) And love my Galaxy S3 for superfast internet, as well as Hot Spot access for all my other gear. Of course, I *do* listen to other stuff, and really enjoy my Audible membership. Which means that I really should cancel that Audible membership... but I have 12 rolling credits, and if I cancel, I lose them! But I don't see myself as buying any new book anytime soon... I've got podfic to listen to!

No matter what my current (or future) fandoms are (or will be), I'll always have a special place in my heart for Brian & Justin, my very first OTP.

Major QAF fan, love the show, especially Brian & Justin. A dedicated fanfic reader, who may try to write a few myself... or maybe not has written a few myself...

Wow - so much has changed in the last year! I currently way, way, WAY into reality shows like Project Runway, Make Me a Supermodel, Top Chef, & the like,, Heroes, Dexter (man, gotta love the new shows on TV!)... and as always, love me some nip/tuck!

Now desperately addicted to Grey's Anatomy & Lost, especially Lost slash. And we can't forget the pr0n.... Gimme, pretty please?

And you really should watch Entourage (HBO) and Battlestar Galactica...

I was quite into "Oz" before (especially Beecher/Keller), but I'm not too active in the Oz fandom any more... although I still really like it. I'm just... distracted. Too much new fun stuff to watch! And Rome is also great... but off the air for a while. Great way to learn history, though, you know?

But QaF is my original true love.

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